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"HOME" Exhibition

By Random Artists Collective

HOME... is a place of comfort; a safe space in which to belong... is in the mind, made of memories... is privacy and personal... is where the heart is, a place of family, friendship and connectivity... is a dwelling, full of objects and a place to lay your head... is an alien environment... is unbounded for the nomadic digital age... is full of rituals that transcends cultures and geography... is beset by margins; the outsider spaces inhabited by the squatters, unemployed, artists and homeless... is a collaboration of sustainable communal living... is physical separation: the boundaries of a homeland provoked by nationalism... is a construct of mainstream, global and corporate culture... is structured by economic factors that affect and corrupt our lives... is in need of a moral compass... is a horizon that recedes into the future... is a larger world of new possibilities...

HOME is where the art is...
HOME is a group show...
HOME is 28 October – 4 November 2017

Solo Show at D Contemporary, Mayfair, London

Co-Curated by Inês Valle, founder of The Cera Project, and Mara Alves, Curator at D Contemporary.
21st of June - 1st of July 2017

Art for the Underground

London Underground, Liverpool Street Station, Central line, East Bound
05th - 18th of December 2016

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