David Agenjo (b. Madrid, 1977) is a painter who lives and works in London. In the context of contemporary figurative painting, he is best known for his compelling colour palette where personal colour arrangements and interpretations take his subjects beyond realism. Throughout his career he has evolved his practice from an intimate exploration of the human form, to a broader contextualisation of figures and, most recently, to still life paintings.

Technical processes play an important role in his practice: painstakingly he builds his compositions through the application of multiple layers of paint, a labour-intensive practice that creates a foundation for his visual narratives.

David’s latest paintings were first conceived when attending an artist-in-residence program in the complex frenetic city of Mumbai (Nov 2014 - Jan 15). He fixated attention on the city’s most marginal areas where local people and moreover piles of laundry and bags of rubbish became the first subjects from which he drew inspiration. The paintings were developed back in his London studio located in the heart of an industrial estate. Studies of adjacent domestic waste and commercial surplus acted as models for him and further complemented his body of work. His concern about sustainability and other social and ecological affairs give meaning to his depictions, reproducing endless manufacturing and consumerism, symptomatic of a globalized world.

Self-taught artist, David Agenjo started working as a graphic designer in 2000, and for the following 6 years he combined his profession with life-drawing workshops at the Fine Arts Circle of Madrid. In 2007 he moved to Dublin and dedicate himself entirely to painting. Three years later he moved to London, establishing his studio in an artist community, where he still lives and work. He has worked with galleries in major cities such as Dublin, London and New York and his paintings and private commissions have been acquired by collectors worldwide. He has been awarded artist residencies in Shenzhen, China (2013) and Mumbai (2015). Most recently David’s work has been exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts, The Mall Galleries, The Ulster Museum and the MEAM museum to name a few.

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