David Agenjo is renowned for his compelling colour palette, which elevates his subjects beyond mere realism. For over a decade he has evolved his practice from an intimate exploration of the human form, to a broader contextualisation of figures and life studies. Through dexterous painting techniques he seeks to glorify the mundane and challenge our perceptions of modern life.

Agenjo’s careful observation of the seemingly ordinary allows him to fixate on subjects which possess not only a solid physical presence, but a soul from which to draw inspiration. The essence of his subjects is conveyed through the use of frontal composition, with life-size portraits and bold life studies offering a glimpse into the revealing and concealed aspects of modern life. His works explore the livelihoods and domestic rituals of those who live within the metropolises, depicted through dwellings, clusters of textiles, bin-bags and cardboard. These visual narratives of quantity and repetition sit within a much wider context of manufacturing, labour, globalisation and consumerism.

For Agenjo, the process of painting is a long-term dialogue with the artwork itself; he gradually builds his compositions through the application of multiple translucent layers of paint, with blends and tones bringing added depth and light to his detailed depictions. Experimenting with different painting mediums, he combines traditional materials and processes with unusual textural devices such as plastic bags, grid tape, and the use of refused palette surfaces. Keeping a keen eye on textures, patterns, shades and forms, his meticulous approach allows for a constant and ever-evolving experimentation which can ultimately change the course of the painting over months, or even years.

Born and raised in Madrid, David Agenjo worked as a graphic designer for six years before moving to Dublin in 2007, where he began his career as a professional artist. Three years later he moved to London, establishing his studio in an artist community, where he still lives and works. He has worked with galleries in major cities such as Dublin, London and New York, exhibiting both nationally and internationally, and his paintings and private commissions have been auctioned and sold to collectors worldwide. He has been awarded artist residencies in Shenzhen, China (2013) and Mumbai, India (2014), as well as being selected by Artelista in 2014 as one of their top 8 contemporary artists to invest in. Most recently Agenjo’s work was displayed at Liverpool Street Station, awarded by Creative Debuts for the ‘Art for the Underground’ campaign.

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